How to do a milk bath maternity session

Getting started

Photographing a milk bath maternity session was a brand new experience that allowed me to stretch creatively and technically. I am HERE FOR IT!

When my friend suggested doing some “milk bath photos” during her maternity session, not going to lie. I had to look up what that was! It took some research and preparation but I am obsessed with how they turned out! It was a good reminder not to be afraid to try new creative concepts or shoots! Also, it is SO important to go the extra mile for clients. I especially feel this for maternity clients. They have such a special place in my heart. Pregnancy can be a time where it is sometimes not too easy to love the way your body is changing. Maternity photos are the perfect way to honor the literal and beautiful miracle that pregnancy is!

Filling the milk bath

milk bath maternity photography

Here is what we did:

  • Filled a standard size tub about 50% of the way with pretty hot water since adding the milk will cool it down, but not so hot that it makes the milk curdle.
  • poured three gallons of whole milk and stirred it up really well
  • Added a quarter gallon of heavy cream to fill in the color. We weren’t sure we were going to need to use this but it gave the bath that completely filled in look and the water didn’t look like just diluted milk at all.
  • Finally we carefully lit a handful of tea candles for a cozy effect and sprinkled flower petals and whole flower heads both on the sides of the tub and in the tub. (Do this step after your client gets in).

The bathroom we were shooting in only had one small window as a light source. So, I did break out my on camera flash and bounced the light off the ceiling. This helped create a soft, even light on the subject. Towards the end of the session I thought “what the heck”, ditched my flash and cranked my ISO just to see if I liked how they look.

All in all, I can honestly say that I cannot wait to do another milk bath maternity session!

milk bath maternity photography
milk bath maternity photography

If you have questions or want to book your OWN maternity milk bath session, reach out here!

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