Corvallis studio maternity session

This studio maternity session at The Gray Lab‘s Corvallis location was so much fun! Maternity sessions have such a special place in my heart. They always have a way of drawing me back to my “why”. My “why” for photography is people and hopefully blessing people who step in front of my camera with joy, confidence and love. Studio maternity photography is great too because it’s more private and comfortable when the weather is not great.

Why get maternity photos?

There’s one moment from this session that has stood out in my mind ever since. At one point, after a frame that I just loved, I showed my client the back of my camera and she gasped and then sighed and said,

“I really think I needed this.”

Pregnancy can be a trip. It’s beautiful and miraculous but it’s equally challenging both physically and mentally. When you’re pregnant, your body is literally changing faster than your brain can keep up with. So, it’s no mystery how one day we look in the mirror, and it’s difficult for us to recognize, let alone love the way we look. Maternity photos give expectant mothers the opportunity to be intentional about appreciating their pregnant body, celebrating it and loving it. It can be quite therapeutic to get dolled up with hair, make-up, a few fun outfits and appreciate the results. So, if you have been on the fence about whether it is worth it to have a studio maternity photography session, DO IT! Here is your sign to celebrate yourself and your body for everything that it is doing to bring a precious new life into the world!

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If you have any questions or want to book your OWN maternity session, contact me here and let’s get planning!

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