Mary’s Peak engagement session

oregon marys peak engagement photography

Picture this: a summer evening where the heat from the day is still lingering but the setting sun offers some relief, a breathtaking mountaintop view, and an entire uninterrupted hour where you get to run around spin, dance laugh and snuggle with your fiancé. That’s exactly what Dani and Mitchell’s Mary’s Peak engagement session was! (and of course, cannot forget the fur baby!)

One of my absolutely favorite things about engagement sessions is when you can just feel the love that they have for each other. It’s a refreshing, effortless and always leaves me with that “my cheeks hurt from smiling so much!” feeling.

engagement photography marys peak
engagement photography marys peak

At one point during this shoot as I was directing Dani and Mitchell through different prompts, all some varying along the lines of “wrap her up in a big hug!” “snuggle in really close!” “now give her a big kiss!” I’d praise them for their enthusiastic participation and he’d respond with “kissin’ her aint hard!”

marys peak engagement photography

The weather at Mary’s Peak on this particular night was a TREAT. Usually once you get to the top of the mountain you are dealing with a significant drop in temperatures or howling wind. But it continued to be warm and beautiful no matter how high up we hiked.

Another fun thing about this Mary’s Peak engagement session was that blue hour was GORGEOUS! As soon as the sun went down, the warm light gave such a moody vibe. It was SO fun to play with.

An of course, it is always fun when the moon comes out to play!

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