Corvallis in home newborn photoshoot

corvallis in home newborn photography

Why I love in home newborn photoshoots

In home newborn photoshoots are my new true love. There are SO many advantages to staying in the comfort of your own home to document some of your first moments as a family. This sweet Corvallis in home newborn photoshoot made me want to share everything I love about doing newborn sessions this way.


The first thing that I love about in home newborn photoshoots is the privacy. For lots of other types of photoshoots that take place somewhere outdoors, you run the risk of having a few onlookers or off leash dogs come into your space. But, in your home, you don’t have to worry about any of that!

corvallis in home newborn photography


The second thing I love is you are protected from the elements. It can be a hot, cold, windy or even rainy day (hello, Oregon) and we won’t have to do any weather reschedules and you will be nice and comfortable.


The third thing is that kids are more at east in their own space. Often, these lifestyle newborn/family sessions also include older siblings who are usually in the toddler phase. But, having them in their own space with their toys, snacks, changes of clothes can be a huge stress reliever!


The final thing that I loved about this Corvallis in home newborn photoshoot is the sentimentality. Years from now when you pull these photos out, you wont just see the sweet, squishy newborn features. You’ll also see the space that you began to make your first memories together as a family. Especially if you end up moving away from this location someday and memories and photos are all you have, they can take on a whole new special meaning of preserving this season of life and the love that existed within the walls of your baby’s first home.

corvallis in home newborn photography
corvallis in home newborn photography

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