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I absolutely LOVE working with influencers, small businesses and anyone who is trying to build their online brand. High quality imagery that connects with your clients can help attract your target audience. This is KEY in running a successful businesses online. This western fashion content photoshoot with Heidi took place on my family’s ranch in Philomath, Oregon. We even got to use our old Ford pickup, which is one of my favorite props!

western fashion photographer oregon photographer

shoot with a strategy in mind for image usage

We had a couple of goals in mind with this western fashion content photoshoot. Heidi had a few items from different companies that she needed images of to use on her instagram page. Then, we also got general purpose content for her to use that was not specific to any brand deals. These images are super important for online brands because they are where you can connect with your audience without trying to sell them something. With these posts you can show yourself in a truer light. You can be vulnerable, funny, or ask your audience questions. You can fill them in on important happenings in your life. Then, when you do go to post an ad or an affiliate link, they feel like they are buying from someone who they know and can trust with recommendations for where to spend their money.

The main brand deal that we needed photos of from this shoot was for this company that makes wild rags. We thought the ranch setting would speak to their target audience and the old pick up truck would be a fun and interesting visual component.

western fashion photographer oregon photographer

shooting for non brand specific content

Another strategy when it comes to posting online to connect with brands you want to work is photographing their products and tagging them online to get their attention. (Even if it’s not part of a current paid deal). You never know who might come across your page and who your content might resonate with. This can create relationships with companies for future deals.

western fashion photographer oregon photographer

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